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Best Time to Visit St. Thomas

If you are seeking a wonderful tropical climate with temperatures in the range of 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 70 degrees Fahrenheit at night any time is the perfect time to take a vacation in St. Thomas.

Magens Bay, St. Thomas It does rain occasionally on St. Thomas, Virgin Island, but they are usually very small tropical showers that only last a few minutes. But, Hurricane season may damper your vacation. All of the Virgin Islands are in the main pathway of several hurricanes that have devastated the Caribbean. But, these beautiful islands always come back better than they were before. Officially, hurricane season begins in June and ends in November. So, if you are planning a vacation during hurricane season just keep an eye on the weather. Keep up to date on the local weather in St. Thomas.

Most tourists hit the islands during the winter months from the middle of December to the middle of April. So, you should be prepared if you are visiting during this time to make reservations in advance. The off season so it is called is April until December. Most vacationers do not visit the Virgin Islands believing the temperatures may be very high and uncomfortable. You may wish to visit St. Thomas during this off season and take advantage of beaches that are not crowded and enjoy other activities with smaller crowds. But, because it is the off season, some shops may not be open. This is a great time to visit, the island takes on a quieter atmosphere where the local shop and restaurant owners will have more time to cater to you. You may even enjoy getting to know the locals and how great their island really is.

The Holidays that are celebrated on St. Thomas are basically the same ones celebrated in the United States, but the locals also have their own holidays that are celebrated on St. Thomas. Remember on some holidays, shops and other activities may be closed in observation of that special day. Sometimes, parades and other forms of entertainment can be enjoyed. January 6th is Three Kings Day, March 31st is Transfer Day, the day that America received the Virgin Islands from the Danes, June 20th is Organic Act Day and is the day honoring the voting rights of the islanders, Emancipation Day is July 3rd and marks the day that the slaves were free by the Danish in 1848, Hurricane Supplication Day which is when the locals ask to be spared from the devastating storms, is held around July 25th, Hurricane Thanksgiving Day is October 17th, Liberty Day is November 1st and Christmas Second Day is December 26. In April, practically the entire month is Carnival Time. Usually on the last two days of the carnival which are the last Friday and Saturday of the month you will be able to enjoy the Children's Carnival Parade and the Grand Carnival Parade.

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