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Many people love windsurfing as it is a combination of sailing and surfing where you are in control. When you learn how to catch the wind just right you will be zooming through the water in no time. St. Thomas has several locations that are just perfect for windsurfing. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro you will enjoy windsurfing at many of the beaches on St. Thomas.

Windsurfing St. Thomas USVI Windsurfing is a very popular watersport on St. Thomas so there is no need to worry about where to find the equipment you need. Many of the major beach front hotels and several beaches have equipment for rent for all kinds of watersport activities.

The climate of St. Thomas plus the picture perfect weather make windsurfing a very enjoyable sport for anyone. Imagine having the crystal clear waters of Caribbean Sea under your feet and the cool Caribbean breeze at your back giving you just the right speed to explore this wonderful sea at your own speed. You can explore waters that you have never seen and enjoy the calm clear waters of the Virgin Islands of the coast of St. Thomas.

The most popular beaches for windsurfing are Hull Bay, Brewers Bay, Vessup Beach, Limetree Beach, Morning Beach, Sapphire Beach, Renaissance Beach, and Bluebeards Beach.

Hull Bay is a quiet secluded type beach. It is located on St. Thomas on the north shore. The beach at Hull Bay faces Inner and Outer Brass cays and is open to the Atlantic waters. The waves can be rough at times. This is the best beach for pro windsurfers. It offers great waves and wonderful wind for windsurfing. Many visitors say that this beach offers the best waves around St. Thomas. There is a restaurant and bar located just across the street when you desire a break from your adventure on the sea.

Brewers Bay is another quiet beach which is frequented by the local residents on the weekends for family time together. It is located on the west end of St. Thomas. This beach is very beautiful and has not been developed which is awesome for seeing St. Thomas without the hotels, bars and restaurants to cloud the scenery. Roadside vans do travel the area, so you can still find food to enjoy.

Many people also enjoy windsurfing on Vessup Beach. The waters along this beach are calm and relaxing and would be a great beginner beach for windsurfing or for a pro wishing some quiet waves. Very few people visit this beach during the week but like Brewers Beach it becomes active on weekends with local residents.

Windsurfing is awesome along the small Limetree Beach that runs along a natural cove. The area along the cove is somewhat rocky, so you should watch carefully. But, the waves are mild and great for windsurfing. The scenery is magnificent as you windsurf around this beach and cove.

Morningstar Beach offers turquoise waters and gentle winds perfect for windsurfing. Windsurfing as you watch the cruise ships and boats coming into and leaving the Charlotte Amalie Harbor will be a very enjoyable time.

Sapphire Beach is a very popular windsurfing beach. This beach has many activities available at the water sports booth. This beach is more active and has more people visiting and enjoying all the activities from wind surfing to relaxing on the beach.

If you hear the name Renaissance Beach, Pineapple Bay, Grand Palace Bay, or Water Bay, they are talking about the same beach. The names have changed according to which hotel was at home here. The water has gentle surf and constant breezes, so it is the perfect spot for windsurfing.

Bluebeards Beach was once a quiet beach, but now has been developed. You can access the beach for windsurfing by a public access road that is just past the Ritz Carlton Resort. The sea is usually calm with a nice Caribbean breeze. You can rent windsurfing equipment at the resort at the watersports activities desk.

Local watersports centers that offer windsurfing equipment include:

  • Adventure Centers at Frenchman's Reef Resort 774-2992
  • Aqua Action Dive Center at Secret Harbor 775-6285
  • Caribbean Parasail and Watersports 775-9360
  • Dive In at Sapphire Beach Resort 775-6100 ext. 2144
  • West Indies Windsurfing at Vessup Bay 775-6530

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